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    Our mission is to promote intercultural communication and dialogue based on mutual respect between different Cuban cultural groups. Inside and outside of Cuba. With the governments of Cuba and the United States.


    They want freedom of speech and association. They believe on free market economy and multi partidism as the better option for our country. Called "gusanos" by communists, and are excluded and not represented in Cuba.

My Voice and other Voices

    I want all freedoms for our country. The end of the embargo and more democratic freedoms right away. I call HERMANOS to all Cubans no matter what they believe in. For me, there are no "contrarevolucionarios" or "dictators". We need to talk about how to get everything done.

Communist Cubans

    They want economic freedom by ending US embargo, and to be the only political party. They believe on central planned economy as the better option for our country. Called "dictators" by capitalist, and currently holding power .

Voices For Cuba.jpg
Voices For Cuba.jpg

We dream with a better economic and democratic future for Cuba, no matter who is in power and what economic system is in place.

Let's find this historical solution!

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