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  • Dawer Pérez Cañete

Who's fault is this now?

Yesterday night, I called my mother via WhatsApp. 8 pm California time, 11 pm Cuba time. She lives in Las Tunas, Cuba. Any Cuban would know how happy I felt to listen to her voice and see her face... Wait, her face.... I was not seeing her face and I asked: "Mom, why can I see you? Are you in the dark outside?" and she said: "Oh, no. Just sitting in the living room, but I can move to the bedroom!" and she started walking from her rocking chair in the living room to the door on her bedroom, I started seeing her smile! Now, yes!

But wait, no light on the living room? That means you need a new lamp tube, the one you had is not working? She confirmed... and smiling she said: "No worries, when we have them in the stores, I'll buy one"... I smiled too, but for different reasons... I was sad smiling, thinking of the differences between living in Cuba and living here in the US... Millions of differences came across my mind, differences that are pure basics, nothing about democracy or political freedom or any other complex social issue... only thinking on the differences around the basics needs... every Cuban know what I am talking about, and if you are not Cuban, and want to know, here, let me tell you: the true is that it would take maybe couple of months to have a lamp tube because, basic things like this, are in shortage always. The Cuban way: smile and wait to satisfy a basic need, even if you have the money...

a need that it would take only 1 day or 1 hour, to anyone in United States, specially to a Senator, or a Congress member or the President, or the Secretary of State, or the Secretary of the Treasury and their staffs, in Washington DC, but also, anyone in any neighborhood with $5 - $10 in their wallet, to go to any of the supermarkets or hardware stores to find it, because there are lamp tube always in here in US...

Now, we all know that those things probably are imported to the US from somewhere else in the world and they are imported, in most countries, like Cuba. And we all know there is an Economic embargo imposed by US laws to Cuba, limiting the island's commerce... therefore, limiting the lamp tubes to be imported to the country, therefore limiting MOTHERS, GRANDMOTHERS and whole FAMILIES to have lamp tubes when they need it...


Is it Cuba Government fault OR the US Government fault ?

If you know, tell my mom, and my 86 years old grandmother, and tell my family, and tell all the mothers in the country... tell us why not? Why are there no lamp tubes in the store!!?! Who is responsible for this??!! tell us again why Cuba is not FREE to commercialize with other countries to simply import lamp tubes!!!???!! Again, who's fault is this?

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